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A small game about a Tanuki-girl waking up from the full moon, deciding to bounce out into the forest to collect leaves for a cup of tea.

Throughout the map you can find 35 leaves + 5 green leaves.

C O N T R O L S :

MoveArrow Keys / WASD
JumpSpace / Y / Z
GlideSpace / Y / Z  in the air   
Confirm    Enter

Controllers are supported!

F I N D   U S   H E R E :

PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/ahegames
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/HMYZ9Rtsw5

NEW GAME in the making 👌 WISHLIST now on STEAM:

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(280 total ratings)
Tags2D, Anime, autumn, Cute, deer, Erotic, Female Protagonist, Hentai, NSFW, tanuki
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


Buy Now$4.20 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Lewd Leaf Land - Maple Tea Ecstasy [v1.2.1] 36 MB
[Outdated] v1.2.zip 36 MB
[Outdated] v1.0.zip 30 MB

Download demo

Lewd Leaf Land - Jam DEMO 3 MB

Development log


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the vibes are immaculate.  Nice job with this one, can't wait to see how your steam games turn out.

this is a cool game, got all the leaves both green and not. by the by there are 36 leaves per level not 35. ALSO may i ask where exactly i use the unlockable

awyee thanks! Look in the games folder for the unlock zip file, extract using 7zip or winRAR and enter the password you got ingame

this game is gorgeous, the main character is super-cutie💟, the atmosphere is amazing and really rare💜, why are there so few such games ... TwT, I beg you to make a sequel and add to steam, I want to see more characters from you

aw thank you!~ that's so nice to hear, i'll definitely bring the deluxxx version to steam with more characters!✨

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it says it is incompatible with my computer, any fixes?

im running this on windows 11, and i dont know if i need to download any other extensions for this, not even the demo works. idk if any of this helps but hopefully it will.

we solved this in the discord i'm pretty sure, have fun playing!


I would love to play this game if it was free!


I'm looking for a way to get the last of the 36 leaves atop a building I can't hover or jump to.

Now I'm supposed to find green leaves and I don't remember seeing any. =(

Also, is there an easier way to get the one under the bridge? It's one-pixel platforming otherwise.

it can be a little tricky to get the timing just right, for maximum distance you wanna hold the jump button and hover at the peak of the jump.
admittedly some sections are a little tight, i wanna smooth those out in the new version..
but i'm sure you'll get the hang of it and find all the leaves! -w-)b


I found the secret password and unlocked the image folder, but it says all the images are corrupted and can't be viewed. (I'm pretty sure the password was right, with the 'striped' thing.)


I was having the same problem with the default windows unzipper, but using winrar worked for me

I had bought this on Nutaku, found out it was removed. Fun enough game with a nice soundtrack to get me to buy it again.

Please be sure to publish on the steam, so that I can more easily buy!thank you,Otherwise I will be very sa


Is there a release date for the Deluxxxe Edition on Steam?

And once it's released, will it have to be bought again?

And finally, will it also cost $4.20? Although I suppose that it will have a higher cost for everything that will be added

no planned release date yet, and yeah it'll defs cost more with the new content xD


Any plans or chance for a mobile version????


Really enjoyed playing this game with friends. The art style is very pretty. It has simple mechanics so it was easy to follow as well. Just a bit annoyed by the monster eyes. Sex scenes were great too. Had to censor a lot of them for YT but great job~!


Yo thank you that's so awesome! Just watched the whole vid, feels really rewarding seeing you guys having so much fun playing! xD


Any chance of a Steam release?


Yes, there are plans to eventually release an updated version "Lewd Leaf Land Deluxxx" to Steam!


someday an android version?


probably no android for this one...

Awwwww😭😢...... anyway  hope ill survive without one, your games are fun anyway 

(SPANISH) Hey man, i made a review of this game: #shorts Lewd Leaf Land - Maple Tea Ecstasy // Te lo reseño así nomas ARG - YouTube Keep it up

Deleted 103 days ago

you gotta collect all the green leaves for the password!


Esta bien chido 


[SPANISH] hello dude, i made a little review of the game:  https://youtube.com/shorts/AXHZ7a8dkc8?feature=share

noice - w-)b

So, spoiler question since I had fun but don't want to replay again:

What happens if you let the deer get away?

man this game is way better than it should be considering how simple it is, but that song is just so perfect and the whole feel is awesome

hey thank you that's great to hear! -w-)/

I put the password in, but it's still not letting me view the bonus content. Because it's either corrupted or my computer somehow managed to suddenly not be able to read pngs. It doesn't work in a file translator, which leads me to believe that it's corrupted.

But the game itself is good. A little strange, but good.

Hm that's weird, I'll look into it and maybe find a solution around unzipping folders in a future version...
But hey, glad you enjoyed the game!~


where do you put the code for the bonus stuff I have the code I just don't know what to do with it


within the game folder there's a zip file you can unpack with it! (using 7zip or winRAR)

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Which folder?

Edit: Nevermind, I'm a dumbass


Nice to meet you. I love your games and have so much respect for you! Can I make a video playing your games? The content is a play video that cuts the R18 scene. I won't forget your introduction.


Why the fuck are you asking for consent, its a game you can post whatever


Hey thank you for reaching out! Please go ahead, making videos like that is totally fine with me!


Thank you for your reply!! 
Thank you for a great pixel games!

When I extract the bonus folder the images are corrupted

that's weird... you can't access the images without the password, but if you enter it using 7zip or winRAR you should be able to look at them within the extracted folder


Yo, don't tell anyone I was here, but can I get the color palette you used?


it's in the screenshots! xD but yeah better to have them all in one file... There you go! 16 colors + transparency


Will Other 3 worlds and characters be an update of this game or will it be completely new game?

Most likely an update of the game, but with completely new content nonetheless


So, I played this game, and streamed it on Discord with 3 other people, and so here is what they have to say:

Michael Rodent: "Is there an expansion, and will there be more? I need to know. Does Brunos Mars is gay?"

smal :3 : "I'm gay but the soundtrack is pretty good ig"

la feuille: "my review is very nice art style and music 10/10"

Here's one from who didn't joined the stream.

Hank J. Wimbussy: "I have not seen shit but from the thumbnails it looks pretty fucking cool. Still despicable though, shame on you losers."

And here's my review.

The Spyussy: "It's pretty good, dunno why the deer's dick looks like an easter egg."

xD hellyeah! Great to hear you're having fun with it!


Apologies for asking, but is this really a hentai game? I haven't played it but the preview doesn't show anything lewd


it does get explicitly lewd, yes xD


are there perhaps any examples of that, if I may ask? I cannot tell if the lewd parts are some small scenes, cutscenes, or are happening when you interact with some entities inside the world, nor how it actually looks like, and i would like to, if it is allowed

though, it is understandable too if you wish to keep everything in the game.


you have lewd still images with textboxes along with them upon collecting enough leaves and triggering certain events, visual novel style so to say... Also the playable character can lose clothing later on
(sorry for the delayed response btw)

Not quite what I expected, and shorter than anticipated, but I did enjoy myself playing, so all good.

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Somehow the controller support stopped working on this game. Is there a way for me to force it?

EDIT: It's a wired PS4 controller, btw. Looks like you only got support for native xInput only.


Oh okay, we'll have to look into that...
As a workaround you could always use JoyToKey, to map keyboard keys to your controller

I've been using DS4Windows since that actually changes dInput to xInput, but thanks for the recommendation.


This is without exaggeration my favourite lewd indi game, even when considering the masterpiece that is Kurovadis. I just like how unique and beautiful it is and that the female protag is driving the lewd plot forward herself. That's very hard to pull off without making it a boring, moral statement.

Yo that means alot, thank you!!


Fun game, but I found a soft lock bug on the last part. If you fall down below during the chase sequence and have to go on a under path to get back up. The chase target will run the other way and fall off a cliff to their doom. Game is soft locked and you can't complete game.


Oh I thought I made the deer fail-proof, I'll have to look into that one again then...
In some cases returning to the title screen might help


Where do I have to put the code? 


you have to download separate software like 7zip or winrar to input the password unfortunately :/. Totally do your own research and if you decide to download something triple check that it's an official site


Pls make it in Android :'(


Pls make it in Android


for those who found out the code, try lowercase. I think creator forgot the font shows everything in caps so


how do I extract the bonus?


You need to use winrar. This is where the password comes in.


Thank you

 I love this game a lot, but I just wish there was a limit to how many of these eyeballs can spawn. 6 is a bit much on one screen. They make it difficult for a no-fall run.

 Either way, I'm glad I bought it and I hope you make more games!


Ah yeah they can pile up quite a bit... xD If in doubt just spam the jump button midair to get out of there
But yeah thank you, good to hear you enjoyed it!


This game was amazing! Thank you for creating this; money well spent! I wish to see more games like this in the future!

Yo thank you, glad you enjoyed it! I'll defs keep them coming =w=b

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