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I just wanna start out by saying I really like this game! It's so cute, and feels like an actual platformer (which seems to be difficult for other lewd platformers) so congrats on that!

My only gripe is that I can't seem to get my controller working. It's a Switch Pro, does that have anything to do with it?

EDIT: I did manage to find a workaround. If you boot the game up through Steam the controller works.

Hey thank you, glad you like the game~
Oh good thing you got it to work! Grey and I only had xBox and Playstation controllers to test on...
Honestly sounds like a considerable investment tho, the Switch Pro controller feels so good xD

I enjoy the game. The raccoon girl character was cute. Question: how do you open the Bonus zip files? Is it with the password? If so, how I use it?

Hey thank you~ If you tried unpacking it and it didn't give you the option to enter a password, try downloading winRAR or 7zip and unpack it again.

I really love this game, the art is gorgeous and the game play is fun. It feels so complete, and the music is perfect. I've always wanted to work on a NSFW game, let me know if you're ever looking for someone to collab with.

Aw thank you, that's nice to hear~
I can't promise anything for collabs since we're still sitting on a long list of projects, but don't let that stop you if you wanna work on a NSFW game, if you're having fun go for it! =w=b

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Are the green leaves (totally not weed) important for the bonus code or is it just some fun collectible for exploration? Asking cause I finished the game with 4 and couldnt find another anywhere else.


Theres 5 leaves tho xD

* o h *

I like the game then I buy the game.but can you talk me Waht is the Unlock for BONUS ZIP password???Can you sent to me???I need CG please.

Naah I'm sure you'll find it, just play the game some more xD

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Fun game! It's a short and sweet platformer with a super pleasant palette, nice music, and a really cute Tanuki-girl. I I love the clothing based HP system and using enemies to bounce across the map faster. A lot of fun and surprisingly replayable for how short it is. Definitely keeping my eye on this team in the future! My only problem is I have brain stupid and can't figure out where to use that secret code.


Heey thank you, good to hear you like it~
Yeah defs keep an eye out, there's alot of great stuff to come =w=b
You'll figure out where to use the code xD (you can't use it within gameplay)

Got it now, it just wasn't prompting me for a password before. Thanks again for the game, great job!

Check the install folder man ;D

How do I still not know it. Am I braindead?

I've been playing this a few times and part of me intends to try a run in which I lose no clothing ( Can be very difficult since one missed jump means replaying the first half again ).  I mostly use the Delete Save File feature to immediately start the game again as the lack of a New Game / Continue option select does make things tricky. Though I may see if Delete Save File affects more than just starting the game from scratch.

I think it might help in a later update to tone back on the Eyeball-Delinquents as the amount that chase after you can really be annoying to deal with in some cases. Something I learned to deal with them is that if any attempted to bump into Molly while she's on the ground, they'll be bounced back while Molly stays put. With this in mind you could potentially increase the knockback the Eyeball-Delinquents receive and force them to stop after the bounce. This would avoid being ping ponged around by 7 of them without much to do.

Oh yeah a run where you lose no clothing sounds like it could be fun, do a speedrun of it! xD
I think once you get the hang of it the eyeballs can be dealt with, but I can see how they might still get annoying, so increased knockback could make sense.. but If you wanna be quick you can even use them to get bounced in a direction faster.
Also yeah, Delete Save File pretty much resets the game.

I actually did a run where I didn't collect any leaves on the first part of the game, but that flopped when I realized the game expected you to collect 24. Would've been hilarious though if something was hidden for trying to avoid all the leaves.

Considering Z, Space Bar, and Enter advance the text that's sort of what I did to ensure I got through the text fast enough to try again. I may need to see the proper timing for the last jump before you get to the tea as it seems to ruin me due to the fear of getting ping ponged into a pit. Gotta see what's in store for keeping your parts on throughout the whole thing.

I think as an obstacle in a platforming game the eyeballs are fine. Harmless enemies that still cause a problem aren't too bad so long as they don't make it impossible to move. The amount that chase you, as well as the constant bouncing, may often times lead to moments where you can't move due to how many are bouncing into you.

Hello, I already have the game but i can't seem to download the update? I got the game while it was free

If you go to your Game Library the file for the update should be around just for you.

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aw geez, i got it before i got an account too.
i've had this game for a while

i'll just buy it

whats the difference between demo and finished?

Demo is a small room that was used to test the platforming mechanics, without any events
Finished contains a bigger map with all the events

Deleted 3 years ago

Oh damn, yeah I've added an effect there that seems to cause trouble for some people..
You can try this version without the FX tho, that might make it work:
Good to hear you like it tho, thank you!~

even tho it's short, I so love it !!

Aww thank you!~

I need help. I downloaded the demo and all I can do is move the screen over to the right a bit and collect leaves from respawning piles.

Am I missing something or is this just a bad demo?

It's just a bad demo xD It was the first published prototype for just the platforming mechanics that I left there for free, with a small map different from the main game and no events, sorry man

Thanks man. I appreciate it.
I just didn't want people thinking the demo was indicative of the main game.

Is it on purpose that leaf counter doesn't reset if you play twice in a row?

In demo I could jump down but in full product I couldn't? Is this right or do I have to check for some weird Wine things since I played this on Linux :P

Other thing that little bit annoyed me was music stopping when falling out of the map sound plays. If you do quick restart it interrupts music rather roughly. Better solution would be bringing background music down in volume and back up again at respawn.

I love the experience and hoped game would have secrets :3

Yoyo, it was on purpose so you have some sort of progression going if you wanna play it twice in a row, but now I'm wondering how much sense it makes, maybe I should change it...

What do you mean with jumping down?

Also yeah I guess I've intended that as a bit of a punishment, the music reset, but maybe it takes you out of it too much... I'll test how it feels with only lowering the music volume!

Thanks for the feedback~

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So in the demo when I am on thin gray platform I can go through the platform if I press down. Main game I can't. It is just weird differences :P

Ooh, right I've changed that later on to make access to some parts of the map more interesting xD Because I realized there aren't alot of other platforming elements, I've made them solid from one side to create these one-way paths

but for mac?

Wasn't able to port it for mac so far, cause you need to do some weird stuff that requires a mac to build it, but I might still manage to get the export for it in the future!


Is there a bonus for finding all of the leaves?

Not really tbh, I thought about adding a bonus for it, I can't promise that'll make it into the game tho..

What is the music that is heard

Dring the scene

Yo, you can listen to the soundtrack here on bandcamp:
or soundcloud:

Just a quick question, will the new updates your doing for this game end up being on here as well?

Ah yeah, I'll upload it here once it's ready =w=b

Just to be sure, will we have to buy the game again when it updates?

Nope, I'll just add it to the downloadable files, so I'm pretty sure if you've purchased the game once you should have access to all of them


It a really, really cute game.  But fun fact,  I downloaded it,  forgot about it and found the game later. I saw it was a super cute wholesome platformere and really enjoyed it. 

Wasn't expecting to get railed by a dear man but hey,  at least I couldn't stop laughing.

XD nice, that's definitely the type of experience I'd recommend for it
Thank you~

Yeah...I REALLY need to know the background music name. Its so catchy I open the game just to listen to it sometimes...


Yo glad you like the music!~
You can listen to it on bandcamp here as well:
or soundcloud if you prefer that:


An ALL NEW Dat Shorts checking out a little indie lewd game! Lewd Leaf Land!

Ooh shit, never thought a trash panda would review my game, he seems to be getting really into it too XD
Thank you for making a video!


What was yesterday's update?

Also, what's the actual difference between the demo and the paid game? I bought it and played through and saw nothing new....


The demo is just a little room that you can collect leaves in, the paid game has all the other content.
The thing is, the game will soon be released on another publishing site also, which is why we had to bump up the price.

But wait, so that means you've played the game before, and now bought it again because you thought there was new content added..?

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...guess I should make an update with new content for it afterall xD
So your purchase will still have been worth it in the end =w=b

Such a cute game! I specially love the color palette, and the protagonist is adorable.
I don't know if there are more endings apart from the drinking tea one, but regardless this is one of the cutest and coolest lewd games I've played in a while. 

Hey thank you! The game's pretty short, so there aren't really any more endings apart from the tea one..
But yeah for the color palette I've made it a fun little challenge for myself to only use 16 colors for the whole game xD Was a lil tough at times but I think it turned out alright.

curious to see how this one turns out regarding gameplay, the comments look promising.

just finished downloading, playing in a few days, and will donate if i like it ^^

also, good to see game maker studio games :)

Awyee, Gamemaker is pretty nice for 2D stuff, hope you'll have fun with the game!

just joined your discord server, anyhow, since no feedback channel exists, im posting my thoughts here: 

bouncy smug tanuki :3
fitting music
controls are well done
animations well done too

short music for gameplay
hard to find leaves
game lacks something dynamic, like other aninals (or to fit the gametype: ticklemonsters) that need to be dodged
some misplacements of tiles in second area

scores for the game:
gameplay: 3/5
sound: 4/5
graphics: 5/5

while i only got to 11 leaves, i had a fun time playing it for a bit, keeping it on my pc for giggles in the future. if some more dynamic things are implemented, i for sure will donate ^^

forgot to add: the minigame feels pretty polished!

The game was great ! I'll try to get all the leaves now !

PS : I wanted to join the discord but the invitation has expired i think 

Oh oops, seems like I forgot to update it in the games description, fixed now tho! Also have fun d=w=

Found em all 

(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ YEAH!


this game went from me being "ooh im really lewd and i wanna play some lewd games" to "FOR GODS SAKE WHERES THE 2ND LEAF"

jokes aside , nice game!

XD I mean how could you even go on with your life if you didn't collect them all, never miss a chance to do a good deed by cleaning up the forest. But yeah thanks!

its rare to find good nsfw games nowdays and im glad this exists

I downloaded the game and I keep running into an error right when she drinks the tea. Do you know anything I could do to fix this? ^^: (I love the game so far btw, it has very cute music and I love the art style of the game altogether!)

Oh okay, what exactly happens when the error occurs?

I'll get to the part where she drinks the tea and then she says she's woozy and dizzy and it cuts to a picture of her hands and then an error pops up. It says something about a shader error

Oh I see, something with that shader must be causing problems then.. I'm not super sure what's causing it exactly so I just disabled it xD Since it's just a small wavy effect the game should work fine without it.

I uploaded the version where it's disabled here:
Hope that fixes it!

thanks! ^^

Do you have any other forms of contact besides here. Your game was amazing btw <3

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Yoyo, it's probably easiest to just message me on discord (Saemi#9884), or you could send us a mail (
Also thanks~

Is it possible to buy the music somewere? : 3 The game is great overal, but IM in love with the soundtrack.

Hey thank you~
You can get the soundtrack here on bandcamp:
Or alternatively you can listen to it on soundcloud:

Ooh, thank you : 3
Just bought it on Bandcamp, as well as your other music, keep up the great work! : D

Oh man thank you so much! You're the first person to buy my music so thats pretty awesome xD

oh I see. : o
It deserve way more sales! I think you music is pretty great. ^w^

I love everything about this game, I wish I could support you and follow your process, if there's a way please let us know!


Hey, that makes me happy to hear, thank you~
So I'm currently still setting up the platforms for that (Patreon, Discord, Blogsite...)
Once those are ready I'll put up the links in the AheGames account page, also I'll comment here again to let you know!


Yo, so Patreon and Discord are up now!


Aw yeaaaaaahhhhhhhh

The discord invitation expired! Can you make another one without expiration time?

Oh damn, thanks for pointing that out! Here's the new one:

Great game , Cool art style , Chill music .I thinks its amazing! Hope you make more games in the future

Yo thanks! I'm already working on something new so no worries =w=b


Cute graphics, Decent platforming, Nice relaxing music, Overall a lovely little game, I will be sure to look out for stuff you make in the future.

Aw thank you!

awesome !

thank you~

Great game, but I am having an issue with a code error.. I don't know if its a common problem or its unique to me. 

Oh that could very well be, my code isn't super solid in some places, what's the error about?

The error is on the second cutscene? i don't remember

Six Words: This Game Has Great Boob Physics
Six More Words: This Game Was Generally Great Though
Seven Words: I Seriously Can't Wait For More Games


Yoo that's basically almost a haiku you sent me there xD Thank you so much~

Congrats on the release! \(^o^)/

Thank yoou~ Finally I can move on to making something new xD

oh, this is adorable! and nice to see some actually good looking boob physics, like they are genuinely adorable and realistic seeming. that's honestly one of our biggest pet peeves in lewd games - like, what's better? realistic tits that bounce around when they actually should, or boobs that the second the person moves even slightly they start flopping around like slightly deflated balloons in the wind?

anyway yeah, this is adorable and we're super excited to see where it goes ^^


Hey thanks alot!~
Yeah, I also think that if you exaggerate it too much it starts becoming.. kind of unrelatable at some point, so it would stop being hot to me too, even tho pronouncing certain elements beyond actual realism can still be nice alot of the time.

you will become the good of boob physics, greater than dead or alive, bouncier than senran kagura ! saemi we need a crown for u


Oh HELLyeah, can you make that crown for me? You should totally give me a boob physics crown, that would be amazing XD

LOVE the boob physics so far! A lot of people make boobs look so weird in games!

Thanks! Yeah it's been pretty fun to animate those, glad you like it!

What there is so far is very cute and cozy, and I like it a lot~ The tanuki is adorable. The sounds too. I hope to see this expanded, and that the lewd bits will be cute and consensual. :3 (And mind you that cute and lewd are not remotely exclusive.)

Looking forward to what develops from here~

Hey thank you~
Yeah I do enjoy cute and lewd things together as well, I did however plan to add a tiny little twist to it, nothing too crazy I think, but you'll see xD


so whats lewd or nsfw about it, i haven't played it i just figured it would be nice to hear from the dev

Right now there isn't much that's lewd about it yet tbh, but there are events and special scenes planned upon collecting enough leaves, which will be added in the final version once development is complete.

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