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I recently bought the game and collected the green leaves yet when I extract the bonus it causes unspecified errors, anyway I can fix this?

Did you extract it with 7zip or winRAR? Extracting with one of those should ask you for a password.

Neat! What is the 'Unlock for BONUS' zip file for?

Thanks! You'll find out once you collect all the green leaves =w=/

Too bad there's no android version :<

Yeah it wasn't really made with android in mind...

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Very fun and surprisingly sexy! I might have run into a bug (possibly?) though. If you manage to catch the deer without dying/while still fully clothed, the cutscene starts with your pants off. Since there's CGs for that scene starting fully clothed I'm assuming that's a bug? I did die once on the way back to the house (may or may not have been on purpose :3), possibly the game is forgetting to reset state properly when it transitions there?

Heyo thanks alot! Oh that's weird tho, normally it should give you the CGs depending on how much you're wearing, we'll have to look into that... thanks for pointing it out! Also good to hear you're having fun with it! =w=b

Awesome game! my only problem here is, i can't get the second green leaf!! it's getting pretty annoying to try and get ;-;

Yo thank you! Yeah I gotta admit it's a tricky one.. you gotta time a glide from the bricks to the rooftop just right to sneak under there.. you'll get there eventually tho =w=b

I've played both of your games and I just wanna let you know these are definitely the best purchases I've made on this site and I'm looking forward to any future projects y'all might have in the works.  The art is wonderful and exciting, and the gameplay is charming and fun! 

Yoo that's a huge compliment thank you so much!! Happy to hear you enjoy our stuff, we'll keep it up! =w=b

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That was an amazing short experience, had great humor, very interesting character and world design, especially loved the little animation window on the side ! The art style was REALLY well done and the platforming was enjoyable but challenging, with a few twists later on if u "actually finish" the game. Also if u 100% the game, u get some goodies which is very neat too !!!
edit: the music fucking SLAPS


Yo thank you so much!! It's great to hear you enjoyed the game with all its lil quirks! =w=9

This was cute, hot, and awesome! Some of those wallpapers are really trippy =3

(also, from a marketing standpoint pricing it at 4.20 is genius. I would have thought carefully about 3.99 "wow that's almost 4 dollars", but here my brain went "haha nice!" and I bought it without a second thought. well worth it btw)


XD hellyeah, getting the coincidental meme psychology just right!
I originally thought to make it just 4$ flat, but the number was too boring to me so i changed it xD
Also good to hear you like the game and the wallpapers, making those was a fun process


Yo, are you the same people that made CatBird? The art and sounds in the demo are very similar. 


Hey, no we aren't related to them in any way xD Perhaps their sounds have been made with Chiptone as well? It's a pretty common tool, in any case some similarity might come from basic wave types being used alot..

Is there anything in the demo other than the one room? i got it to check it out and im not sure.


Ah no just the one room, the demo is very short, it originally was all we got finished for a gamejam it was released to

I love the game, I've finished it a couple times now, but the password from the green leaves wont work when I try to unpack, it says it's wrong

Oh, maybe check for capitalization? Are you using 7zip or winRAR to unpack it? Also thank you, good to hear you like the game!

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All lowercase.  Worked for me using 7zip


Have you considered publishing your games to Steam? They fully accept adult/pornographic games now. The Steam market would probably love this kind of thing because most of the adult games on there are crappy puzzle games!

You could make the Steam price higher then the price to cover the Steam fee, I would still buy it. Lol. ;)


Oh yeah that's a good point.. We're already thinking about getting our new game on steam once itll be ready for release, mixing up the market there sounds like a good idea for sure!
For the games like LLL that are already out rn we yet have to decide how to handle them, but its possible that we'll just push them on steam as well...

Nice! That's good to hear.


4 bucks and 20 cents really



Normally I don't like platformers with precise timing but I didn't mind this time because I got to watch Molly's cute animations cx I enjoyed this game a lot, and it seems very polished, but I can't manage to reach the second green leaf. Can the eyeballs bounce you upwards? I'm trying to use them to get that last leaf.


Hey thank you glad you enjoyed it~ Hmm the one on the lil rooftop you mean? You gotta get on a near ledge of brick blocks and time a glide onto the roof from there, its a lil tricky but you'll manage, the eyeballs can only bounce you sideways not upwards

I got it! Thank you!

Just wanted to say I really love Molly's design, and that I hope some day there will be another Lewd Leaf Land game.

Yo thanks alot~ If it's Lewd Leaf Land or not, there will be more things to come!

Okay I fixed it. Game is super cute, music is great. I'm pretty bummed the game is so short though. Your games are so polished but so incredibly small lol.

The polish takes time afterall, the smaller it is the easier it'll be to make good xD We're still trying to step up our game tho.. Glad you enjoyed it!

Yo! Pretty good game.
P.S. Tanuki-girl is sooooo cute: 3

Yoo thank you! Glad you like it =w=/

Hey whats the password to access the Bonus CG stuff?

Nevermind I found all the green leaves lol


Super funny weed number price tag lol


Great game! Any plans to do more with this character eventually?

Thanks! For now we don't really have plans for that, possibly sometime in the future


I love it so much 

i want to more update this game


I want to buy it, it looks beautiful and hot, but I wish I could have it on my steam account. Is there any chance that you could put the game there?

Yo thanks! As of right now we're not planning to release it on steam, sorry... We might get it on there in the future, but I can't promise anything yet

OK thank you for answering. But I think it would be a good idea, and if you put the sale on the store, you already have my money. Good luck with the project

Really enjoyed it! It feels really well made. The character portrait being animated whilst moving was a nice touch, especially with what happens after the first "event".

For anyone else wondering, the game works fine in wine on linux, though it'd be better if there was a proper build using AppImage or similar.

Some small critique:

1) In the beginning I had a hard time seeing what could actually be stood on, as the grayish platforms look opaque visually, but not actually solid. It got clear pretty quickly, but it was through trial-and-error, not through intuition.

2) The dialogue wraps mid-word (i.e. moves a word that's currently being written out to the line below, rather than just having it be on the line below to begin with) when displaying text, which is a bit annoying.

All in all, great little game!

Hey thank you so much!
I really appreciate the critique, the ambiguous platforms are definitely a fair point, something to look out for in future projects, along with some blind jumps in the map...
Also yeah the textbox coding is a little wonky, Grey already cleaned up some of my codes issues there but we must've skipped over this particular one...
Good to hear it works on linux as well tho!

Either im stupid or something is wrong with my game, Because I can not for the life of me find any green leafs, They literally dont exist and ive played through and looked around the whole map 4 times

Hmm that's weird... are you sure you're playing the newest version 1.2.1? Version 1.0 didn't have the green leaves yet

Ya i was

Hm are you sure we're talking about the same thing then? The green leaves are the floating, spinning ones that give a little circular effect and appear in the bottom left of the screen when you collect them.. the leave piles on the ground are all orange

Ive never seen a single green leaf I just cant seem to find them

Will there be a content update in the future?

Very unlikely, we try to focus on moving ahead with our newest projects

Hey just played and finished the game. Great stuff! I love how you made the bonus folder a reward ♥

I'll be checking more games from you, that's for sure.

Hehe yeeah glad you like it!~
Ye we've been working hard on our next project Coco Nutshake lately, will defs be worth checking out once it's done =w=b

why did you change the name in nutaku? it meets Nutakus policies xD
Basically 'Ecstasy' sounded too drug related for them

What are the differences between the itchio version and the nutaku version?

They're virtually the same, except for some minor adjustments to the script in the Nutaku version to meet their policies.


and why did you change the name?


i love how you made the price for this game the funny number instead of rounding it out to $4


hehe 👈(=w=👈
yeah I also thought 3 digits just look nicer than 4$ flat xD

ok then

The password for collecting 5 green leaves is the password for the bonus file, right? Starting with S--- 

I used a translator because I am not good at English. x(

Yeah that's right! =w=b
Unpack it with WinRAR or 7zip, then you should be able to enter the password

Deleted 1 year ago

Success! Thank you!

what is the soundtrack!! such great music i love this game please release a second part!!!!

yo thank you! You can find the soundtrack here:

how com i cant download it, whenever i click it it wont let me open it, id like to pay but i wont till it actually works. 

Oh, can you specify what exactly isn't working? Can you not download the demo files from itch, or does the game not start when you're trying to run the executable?

Just in case anyone's wondering:

The 8BITDO SN30 Pro works without any problem whatsoever~


Yoo didn't even know this controller exists, it looks super sick!
Good to hear the game works with it, seems perfect for it tbh xD

It's my go-to controller as of now. Given, I'm only playing platformers and retro inspired metroidvanias, but still. Oh, I actually played a bit of Halo on it and it's super slick.

Also: Loved the game, I'm curious to see what else y'all can cook up OwO

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Edit 2: I ended up asking on the Discord and got my answers. I'll leave this here for people who also have these questions: The Nutaku version has some minor alterations to conform to the site's standards, but is otherwise the same from what I understand, and it seems that updates can be downloaded freely on there if any more updates do come out.

-- Original comment --

Hey, played the Game Jam Demo a while back and enjoyed this. I've been getting a bunch of free Gold on Nutaku and I had nothing to spend it on so I checked their downloadable games section and saw that there's a version of this game on there, but the title is different?

I'm also unclear on what the full version of the game entails in the first place, so what're the differences between the Game Jam Demo, the full version here on Itch, and the version on Nutaku? If I buy it on Nutaku, can I still get future updates when they come out?

Edit: Just booted up the demo again and this is completely different from what I played at the time-- Somehow I had the full version by mistake, maybe? Either way, from looking at the comments I'm definitely interested in playing the updated version.

Ah yes, it's like you described it in Edit2, virtually no difference content wise. Thanks for letting everyone else know!

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I just wanna start out by saying I really like this game! It's so cute, and feels like an actual platformer (which seems to be difficult for other lewd platformers) so congrats on that!

My only gripe is that I can't seem to get my controller working. It's a Switch Pro, does that have anything to do with it?

EDIT: I did manage to find a workaround. If you boot the game up through Steam the controller works.

Hey thank you, glad you like the game~
Oh good thing you got it to work! Grey and I only had xBox and Playstation controllers to test on...
Honestly sounds like a considerable investment tho, the Switch Pro controller feels so good xD

I enjoy the game. The raccoon girl character was cute. Question: how do you open the Bonus zip files? Is it with the password? If so, how I use it?

Hey thank you~ If you tried unpacking it and it didn't give you the option to enter a password, try downloading winRAR or 7zip and unpack it again.

I really love this game, the art is gorgeous and the game play is fun. It feels so complete, and the music is perfect. I've always wanted to work on a NSFW game, let me know if you're ever looking for someone to collab with.

Aw thank you, that's nice to hear~
I can't promise anything for collabs since we're still sitting on a long list of projects, but don't let that stop you if you wanna work on a NSFW game, if you're having fun go for it! =w=b

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Are the green leaves (totally not weed) important for the bonus code or is it just some fun collectible for exploration? Asking cause I finished the game with 4 and couldnt find another anywhere else.


Theres 5 leaves tho xD

* o h *

I like the game then I buy the game.but can you talk me Waht is the Unlock for BONUS ZIP password???Can you sent to me???I need CG please.

Naah I'm sure you'll find it, just play the game some more xD

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Fun game! It's a short and sweet platformer with a super pleasant palette, nice music, and a really cute Tanuki-girl. I I love the clothing based HP system and using enemies to bounce across the map faster. A lot of fun and surprisingly replayable for how short it is. Definitely keeping my eye on this team in the future! My only problem is I have brain stupid and can't figure out where to use that secret code.

Heey thank you, good to hear you like it~
Yeah defs keep an eye out, there's alot of great stuff to come =w=b
You'll figure out where to use the code xD (you can't use it within gameplay)

Got it now, it just wasn't prompting me for a password before. Thanks again for the game, great job!

Check the install folder man ;D

How do I still not know it. Am I braindead?

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