Update Sneak Peek!

Hey everyone, Lewd Leaf Land's Update is close to getting done!

There's a bunch of new stuff coming, so please take a look at the most major additions:

The new Health System!
Now Molly will lose a piece of clothing after dropping into a pit.
There's 3 stages, signalizing her "health", with increasing amounts of nudeness.
Later Scenes will have variations depending on what Molly is wearing as well.


A new Enemy Type!
After getting involved with the Deerdude™, naturally the infamous Eyeball-Delinquents will rise from within the forest.
Once they've spotted their target, they won't hesitate to gang up on Molly to bounce her in whichever way.


Menu/Save-System Overhaul!
A bunch of quality of life changes were made, like adding Fullscreen-Mode.
The game will now also save your position at every checkpoint, respawning you where you left off in the storyline, even if you close the game mid-session.


More Events + Scenes!
The story progression is being pushed along with new dialogue events.
16+ new Scenes will be added, not counting clothing variations!


I hope you're excited for the new version!

The development is nearing its final stretch, so once a set release date can be determined, I'll make another post to let you know! =w=b

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sounds great, cant wait.



I'll be looking up to your updates  ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)