Fullscreen Patch v1.2.1

Heyhey, there were a couple complications that we got notified about that got fixed in this patch!

Basically the solution for how fullscreen worked was pretty stiff so far, not allowing the game to be displayed properly at monitors with bigger resolutions. Now however that got fixed by rewriting the code for how the game is displayed, and on top of that you can now toggle between different resolutions by pressing F4!
The other small changes are camera value adjustments and changes to the eyeball enemies positions and amount.

Special shoutouts to Grey who wrote all the code for the new screen resolution system, making this patch possible!


Lewd Leaf Land - Maple Tea Ecstasy [v1.2.1] 36 MB
Mar 03, 2020

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Ah, nice. Hope to see how the changes towards Eyeball-Delinquents will affect speeding through the game. I did feel some of the placements were a little rude such as some of them waiting  in spots where platforming is extremely tight.


I didn't want to stray too far from the original and kinda liked the idea of still being able to get a little overwhelmed by them if you don't watch out, so the changes aren't tooo huge but I hope it did at least something xD
If you're speeding through the game you can try to deliberately bounce off of almost all of them, using them for a speedboost that chains into shaking them off almost immediately! Also if one is in the way you can still barrel your way through by mashing glide right after the impact. If you time it right, it almost completely nullifies the impact.