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I haven't bought the game yet, but it looks good, so I think I will! My only question is, why are her eyes covered? It seems strange to me.


Latatta runs a business that isn't really on par with gastronomical hygiene regulations, so she doesn't want to get recognized by any health authorities that might shut her down.


Futanari Nutshake version soon?


Digo lo mismo de KaneKing3129


Please Turkish lira is very low, please allow free download, please I beg you, I have no condition, please


i cant get stupid


well that game was short. 


short and sweet =w=b


Very sweet. ÙᴗÚ

Deleted post

XD nice, yeah sometimes just writing out a thought makes all the difference


Question: Will you plan to upload this game to Steam? Cuz I don't have either credit card or PayPal. Well, I do have a credit card but I can't really use it cause it's national use only


We do have plans to push our games to Steam, as of right now I can't really say when that will be though... sometime in the near future!


Well this is fun and pleasant. Kudos for giving us the free milk mode! My one regret is the third stage isn't very, well, horny.


Hey thank you~ Free milk mode was a good addition for sure, stage 3 yeah fair enough... it mainly just wraps the whole thing up xD

Yeah, totally understood. Could have always had her shake it, and the more vigorously she does that, the more her skirt flips up --- but it's always about effort in and results out and the balance thereof, y'know? Still dig it.


Just bought this game to play on my phone. I wish, so badly wish it had more unlockable content.

The base is fine (albeit the shake part on android is a bit funky)

But if there was a way to unlock more hair styles, bikinis, hats, skirts, or anything.

Here's hoping!


Probably won't be more unlockable content coming for nutshake, but I've definitely been thinking about a fix for the jank on the shaking minigame, as well as adding the option to use motion controls for shaking. How the system works currently is it calculates your average shaking speed, and if you fall within certain ranges it tells you if you're too fast or slow; But perhaps I could make it so that if you fall outside the good range, as long as your next average is better than the previous one then it could still reward points. I'll definitely have to test a system like that because I'm not quite sure how it'll feel. -Grey

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Hello! I just bought this game for Android and I fell in love with the music and animation. Also, it's so cool that you've gotta be gentle with Latatta and not too aggresive. It's a nice touch. However, I was expecting to be able to shake my phone for shaking the coconut. It'd be awesome if you guys added that in the future, it'd be more inmersive.

Keep it up! I'll be willing to see more of your games.

Sorry I only saw this now! Glad you brought the question to the discord server too. I definitely have ideas for fixing the shaking minigame swimming around in my head now, as well as adding the motion controls. -Grey

Awesome!!! I recommended this game to a friend and he bought it, too. I'll recommend it to more people :D

Woah O_O 

Wow, this game, it's definitely something. I kinda like it, it has cool energy going for it. I really like the character design, artstyle, and smooth animation. It's a very unique game.


Glad you like the style Noli! We really did shoot for a unique experience with this one, so I'm glad it came across in the gameplay. -Grey

Hey developers,

Appreciate this very much. Now I have a new game to alternate with Boobrun. Just perfect to pass the time, mindless and fun.

Chur boi

Glad you're enjoying it Dogroll! I'll have to check out Boobrun. -Grey

yoo such a cool game, I'm totally down to see more arcade style ahegames like this (ifw the apk port too, thanku)


Thanks! we'll keep in mind that there is some demand for more arcade style games. -Grey


I finally unlocked all the Shades! The pixel art is adorable, and the animation is so smooth! Can't wait for your guys' next game! :)

Oh hellyeah dude! Thank you so much~

I hope You release more content for This fabulous Game

Glad you like it =w=b The game is finished as it is but in case there will be any bonus content around it we'll let you know

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I bought the game but it doesn't work I have been trying to get help but no one has responded

At which point does the game fail to run? From the screen you posted you should be able to install the .apk and run it as an app. Does it not install to your phone at all or do you get an error message after running it?
Also please understand we can't always respond within the hour. We didn't get any messages from you outside of, so if you were previously asking on another site it probably wasn't us.

have you gotten into the files on your device? in the download folder

Hello!  I bought the game and it is wonderful xD I feel that I have spent very well!  I hope to see your next works or updates to the game ^^ 

Pd: How to unlock the last 2 glasses?  can you give me some tip?  get to get rank S xD

Heyo thank you so much! A wise investment indeed xD Definitely look forward to our next works =w=b
For one of the 2 glasses, getting to rank S already is a good approach id say, for the other one you might wanna try the complete opposite... xD hf!

Bought this a while ago now and am still having fun with it, great game for wasting time haha.

Just thought I'd leave a thumbs up, keep up the good work, i can't wait to see what you guys do next, need more devs like you out there :)

Ooh awesome, that's great to hear! Exactly the kinda vibe we were going for with this game so that's very reassuring xD
We're definitely keeping it up, thanks man! =w=b


I pressed "r" to restart the game and now get the error message:

action number 1
of Draw Event
for object oPrestart:

shader_set_uniform_f argument 2 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a Number (YYGR)
at gml_Script_pal_swap_set
stack frame is
gml_Script_pal_swap_set (line -1)

I can't start the game at all. Seems to relate to swapping the pallette?

Oh okay... as a temporary solution you can navigate to CocoNutshakes save file folder, it's in AppData\Local (type %appdata% in a browser window, then go one step back in the folder tree) here you can find SaveData.sav and delete it.
Please consider dropping by our discord to report the problem ( or DM Saemi#9884 directly, so we can send you a new build to test if the problem persists. Thanks!

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How do ya get the last shades and loved the game btw best 4 something ive spent today

Yo thank you! You probably wanna try getting a perfect score for those if we're thinking about the same ones

i got it thx,  stay safe and keep up the good work





Hello, I recently recieved an up date for my s10plus, this game will  not run anymore due to a script error? Is there a place I can send you a screenshot of what's going on? Thanks!

Hey, we have a suspicion its the same script error that popped up for other users before.. we've made a new build that might fix the problem, please drop by on our discord if you can

Either post in feedback or DM Saemi or Grey directly, so we can send you the new version to test
Thank you!


Hey! I was was wondering how you make your games. Do you use a game engine, if yes, which one ? Or do you do them from scratch, and if that's it, in which language ? I'm a curious programmer :)


Hey there! we used game maker studio 1 for this project. It's all I know at the moment, a comfort thing really- but it does get the job done, so we'll be using GMS2 going forwards. -Grey


Oh so absolutely delightful!

The pixel art is lovely and well done (don't think I didn't notice Latatta's hair gets messed up when you screw up!), the colors are minimalistic and simple, and of course Latatta is such a babe.

Got all the shades, and had to do some little drawings of her. Looking forward to seeing what you guys do

Aw thank you so much~ Means alot to hear all the appreciation for it! I'd love to see those drawings.. xD


Amazing and sexy little game ;)

Yoo amazing video, thank you!!

Upvote for the trash can racoon

Is there a way to remove the sensor on the girls eyes?  I thought by obtaining all the sunglasses I would be able to see the girl's full face


Nah man sry, we can't expose her identity, the health department would shut her down in no time

Hahaha great game btw! Love the animations and interactions! Are you planning on making more games like this?

Hehe thanks! Depends on what you mean by "games like this"... there will always be a certain style staying the same, but we like to keep the concepts fresh

More so the art style and the game play mechanics. :) 

Or maybe adding more  for the game here? I'm not sure if your into adding in more sex scenes  with the coconut girl ? 

Does this game only work with certain Android devices? I just got a LG Stylo 6 tonight and while I can download this game it comes up with an error message when ever I try to boot it up. Something about Fatal Error in action number 1 of Draw Event for object oPrestart? Do you have any idea what might be going on?

It's probably an issue with one of the plugins we're using. We're looking into it, but it's hard to pin down the exact reason it's not working on certain devices. When we ported the game from GMS1 to GMS2, it seemed to fix the issue on most devices so we thought it was already solved. It's hard to find issues with specific devices, but hopefully we can fix it soon. 

I can't unlock the pink glasses? I might be dumb though. Ive gotten S+ rank already.


Oh then you're just too good at the game, you need to fuck up royally for the pink ones xD

Deleted 2 years ago

Futa mode when?

No plans for that, sry xD
It would be a ton of work to make that happen for this game..

something stylish


quick question I love this game any chance ot a android version . I'm sure it's a pain to convert but thought ide ask x take care and gl with everything x

Hey, yeah we've been working on the Android version, it should be ready pretty soon, I'll make a devlog about it once it's there!
Thank you take care~


Thanks for the reply hope you take care and stay well , looking forward to it  :D :D x


We need more game creators like you. Hope you keep up the great work!

Oh you bet, we're just getting started!  👈👈(➖〰️➖
Thanks alot!

NGL, I really loved this game, I can't believe I spent 3 dolars for milking a bunch of pixels, but I don't regret

Awyee awesome, glad to hear you enjoyed it!


Will we ever get to see her eyes? 


¯\_('w ')_/¯ who knows...


Is going to be on nutaku?


Yeah, we're planning to get it on there once mobile support is ready.




Stage 3 appears to be bugged. No matter what I do, including nothing, it spams "FUCK" over and over and I get 0 points.


It's a little tricky tbh, you wanna keep a steady speed for shaking, not too slow and not too fast...
It's also momentum based, so what you could try to do is do the same back and forth motion over and over, to try out which speeds/distances across the screen work out for you, even if it shows "FUCK" at first since the average speeds takes a second to adjust itself.
As soon as you're getting the average close you should see "Bravissimos".
Good luck!


i did not expect to get so invested in tryng to get the highest score possible was expecting to beat my meat but beat the high score instead price seems just a tad high but im a cheapskate so its probably worth the money for others music is realy nice art is realy nice in general realy good


Nice, thank you! Great to hear you got so invested in getting the high score, our design must be working then! xD
But yeah we defs went for quality over quantity in this one


best $3.60 I ever spent


Hellyeah! ➖〰️➖)👉👉

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