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Are there sex scenes other sex scenes other than milking her? Do ihave to work for it?

is it possible in any way to get this on ios?

Why eyes are censored?

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How do you play this game? There's no instructions other than "Mouse Click / Drag". Or is it one of those games where you just have to discover things the hard way.

I managed to finish one round but the shaking mechanic seemed way off.

just play around with it until you get a feel for it xD
the shaking can be tricky, try keeping a steady rhythm and see what feedback you get


I noticed your making a game for steam. Is there any chance of this game coming to steam and removing the black bar? I'd buy it again on steam if you do both. 


Latatta doesn't want her face to be publicly recognizable, otherwise  health inspectors might shut down her business, therefore I can't remove the black bar unfortunately


Why don't you replace the bar with the shades?



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hi, is thar a way to contact the owner? i'v been trying all to DM/contact Ahegames, asking if they would be like to help with a game project i'm currently working on (being an endless plat-former of sorts) but all the links have been sending me to thar Patreon and only alows DMing or commenting if a Patreon sub, 

i realy like your work and would love have help from you, if you would like to contact me, i'm on twitter as @AmaAnthro and discord as ama_anthro

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i dont enjoy this whatsoever. have you ever tasted breast milk with a concious mind ? let me tell you. NOT PLEASANT. my wife and i were having car sex after the baby and she took her top off and milk got EVERYWHERE!!! let me tell you how cleaning that up was. NOT PLEASANT. I couldnt get the weird taste out of my mouth for MONTHS. dislike !

- John ''the gamiac'' Eliasik


XD omg
sorry to hear that man

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having trouble even booting up the game, it says its version is incompatible.

same thing is going on with lewd leaf land, another game by Ahegames, also commented on that and it seems like the same error is happening.


we solved this in the discord i'm pretty sure, have fun playing!


simple and nice


- w-)b


Is there anymore more characters or features to this game besides being able to chance the color of the world?

nah that's about it xD


how come whenever I try to apply sunglasses nothing happens when im playing on android. is there an issue?

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Is Latatta legit cutting coconuts in half with a hecking bread knife? She is cracked. Her milk must be out of this world, for real.  

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Anyone know how I can get this fixed happens when I try to start the game (Fixed it)


Just beat the entire game. It was a very short but enjoyable experience and I would love to play some more of your games.

Hey awesome! Glad you liked it!

really want more of this, any plans for similar games in future? I love this one and honestly cannot find any similar games. a great job indeed

I finished the game at 100% (2700p) But I only received 3 glasses out of 4 is this normal?

yes, one of them requires you to do like the opposite of 100%ing xD

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The glasses aren't changing the filters on my android with version 13. It's on the z23 ultra.

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Same here it won't change on my pc or my phone when using bluestacks to see if my phone was the problem. Does anyone know a work around?

Turns out the most recent version of the game is bugged and I JUST JUST PAYED FOR IT!!!

Oh hm might be the palette swap shader acting up with newer phones... I've just put the outdated vA1.0 back up for download, maybe try if it works with this one first?
If it still doesn't work you can DM me on discord (Saemi#9884) and we can try to figure something out there!

Any tips for getting the last pair of glasses on Android??

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If you support the developer, they might make extended content or a new game.  I like the color scheme of both games.  A fun little title to whittle just a little time unless you wanna go OCD high score.  I don't think this could be put on youtube uncensored though.  Prudes!

It isn't on ios though.

Deleted 158 days ago

Ha! Where did you get the pirated from?


Will you make more games or just stop forever?


Games are still being made! Its just taking longer than expected.. Currently working on an expansion for Lewd Leaf Land, after that more fresh ideas!


How can i unlock the third pair of glasses?


you gotta try to be the opposite of a tryhard xD


When will you bring more games like this to Android??


can't say when, but for new games i will definitely keep Android compatibility in mind!


I loved the game, the style and the...7u7 well the game is incredible ^ ^

but I wanted to add some ideas, like more girls making different drinks and being of different nationalities. For example, a Puerto Rican woman who prepared a pina colada.

                                   keep in that way 



Hey thank you so much~ Appreciate the ideas! Maybe there's some fanart potential there also... xD

I still feel this is unfinished. You can make an entire franchise out of this no joke.

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how i get all the glasses?

Thank you (if you respond)


wouldn't it be boring if i just gave it all away?


Hey creater… WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS. BREAST MILK INTO COCONUT? Nah man just got horny😭


please be my friend omg

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Your game (Coconut shake ) looks amazing! Can I make a video playing it? I will add where it can be bought  and your Patreon ^^(knowing that I post it on porn website and get some ad revenue from my videos) thanks for reading me!


Yeah sure go ahead! Thank you!


*𝘥𝘦𝘢𝘵𝘩 𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘳𝘦*


Are there any plans for more updates? Last one was over a year ago


Game seems pretty sound for only having a few patches, I don't think they will be adding anything else as it is a rather small game. Maybe a Nutshake 2???

Deleted 41 days ago

That would be pretty complicated to implement I think... It's a fun idea though! xD


I used to own this on Desura 😭


is there an IPA of this game?


there isn't any real iOS support rn, maybe in the future but I can't say for sure


Somehow the eye censoring looked like a japanese ghost photo or those creepy japanese images
Anyways the possible theory that i can come up with is that this is not the original game, but a public and altered version of a cursed/forbidden game, the original game have the same character as this one, details about the character as follows: The pink haired girl in the current game is believed to be the descendant of the Medusa, as she can turns people into stone by looking into their eyes or make their eyes look into hers,  however, this descendant have the meta ability, which means she can and have stoned players, evident by some cases witnessed by the victim's parents, moreover, when the eyewitnesses checked the game, it couldn't be opened, as it immediately closes after double clicking it. The original game couldn;t be clearly identified as its content,  characteristics and storylines changes after cases, however it is consistent on one thing, a female character that have hourglass body and some hint of green on its "costume", and the character usually secretes a fluid of some sort, and it is theorised that the liquid is the souls of its unfortunate victims, evidenced by the lack of fluid upon its capture and containment

Another theory said that its the cursed game of kado no junyou, which  is related to the incident happened on ████-██-██, at ████████████████████,  the urban legend depicts that anyone who play the game will experience █████████ █████████ due to the coconut theme and the main character's large breast.

Anyways  i'm gonna check something in my email so see ya later i guess


my brother in christ. what


Dude, what the fuck is he talking about???


Hey, man, you kind of scared me.🌝🌝



How do you get the second last glasses?


What a fun game! I also appreciate the coconut aesthetic means so much for us coconuts :D I was originally told about this game from a friend and I have to say its pretty fun to play and kill some time with.


Awyee nice, good to hear you're enjoying it! =w=/


so i have got all the glasses, i got no difference between the last glasses and the previous one, does it just change color? The last glasses are quite difficult because everything has to be perfect


When Will This Come Out On Linux?


It runs fine for me on Proton 7.0.3.


This was fun!^^



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ahegames do you have to Censored the girl eyes i mean come on man


yea I agree to you man


I mean like thats just the style of the game tbh. Its hard to imagine it with her eyes revealed.

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My man how do I unlock third glasses


make 0 score

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How to unlock green glasses I tried everything ;-;

Deleted 138 days ago
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